Wendy Avoids Rush Hour - Enamel Pin

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It's a bat! It's a plane! Why it's Wendy! When it's rush hour for everyone else, Wendy grabs her broom and hits the sky! Smart gal, indeed.

Wendy's Dimensions: 2 1/8"H, 1 ½" hair to tip of nose. 1 3/8" end of broom to front of broom.
Head and body swivel for real flying motion.
Packaging 4 ½"H, 2 3/8"W features fun novelty header card.

Introducing "Ghoulsville Novelty Creepers" moving monster enamel pins, another fine product from Retro-a-go-go! Includes exciting retro packaging all inspired by fun novelty shops of the 1960's-1970's.

Novelty shops where the go to place for kids. Isle after dusty isle were each jam packed with everything a kid would just die to have like: magic tricks and puzzles, itching powder, fake puke, the classic burning cigarette, the shocking hand buzzer, and clacking-jumping teeth, not to mention the cheap masks and their accompanying monster costumes that consisted of a cape tied at the neck -- and of course all parts flammable!

Many piggy banks were broken into, so young shoppers were guaranteed to bring something bizarre and amazing back to their neighborhood or school to amuse themselves and their friends. With our latest creation, "Ghoulsville Novelty Creepers" we give a tip of the hat to the accoutrements, gags and pranks that filled our pockets and made us literally explode with excitement, time and time again.

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