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It all started 75 years ago when the nylons appeared in the world and changed the perception of stockings. With the unique purpose of keeping the legs warm, the history notes that women wore woven stockings and that was about it. However, later, with the change and development of industry and technology, nylon became the option that everyone longed for. It was a much cheaper version than the exquisite silk, but more durable and affordable for the larger number of population. And just like that, the nylon stockings became an essential part of women’s wardrobe and later, with the modifications, a part of the lingerie line. 

Today, the fashion industry is much more advanced in the area of tights and there are so many options and choices. The thickness, the sizes, the designs, colors, prints, and motifs are just some of the things that can be seen today in the tights department. Details and embellishments like sequins, glitter, fishnets, thigh highs, knee highs, pearls, and many more have made the things unique garments that complete the outfit. Also very popular are the garters that were extremely chic and sexy back in the time which we still wear today. Naturally, they have been redesigned to fit and flatter all body types and figures. What makes them distinctive is the ability to stay on the skin with the help of infused silicon details. 

The current trends for women bring some new and some older styles as trends. The animal print is very popular again which is expected to be seen on the tights too, as well as polka dots print that is experiencing a boom. Colored tights, which will bring you back to the childhood days when wearing tights in all the available colors was the achievement of the year. All in all, the fashion around tights changes accordingly to other fashion trends.

A present trend involving men wearing tights are called "mantyhose" or "Meggings" Some of the latest fashion runways have presented men wearing tights. These lines included sports lines, skulls, stripes, and bold colors. Also very popular in the fetish scene as well. New for the fashion scene, the opinions were divided. However, although some men to wear them under their clothes to keep them warm, other others wear them for the sex appeal. If you haven't see this lovely trend check out Madonnas sexy video seen here.

Whichever way you choose to wear them stockings have come a long way – from nylons to mantyhose and we love it! 

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