Band Merch – a new twist of the popular trend


The past few years have seen a really big growth and comeback of a trend that was popular during the '70s and '80s. Then the love towards certain music band was shown by wearing clothing garments with their logo on, or faces of its members. Usually, men and women were wearing T-shirts, pins, and hats and that was a worldwide trend. After that period, with the appearance of new boy and girl bands, that trends somehow were forgotten. Now, in modern times when fashion allows absolutely everything and supports different approaches, this style is making a comeback.

Darkest Hour Apparel, willing to satisfy the consumers market need’s in this are too, has incorporated a special Band Merch Line in the online shop. Here, you can find the most different kinds of garments. They can be for you, or a gift, and whichever you choose, you will be more than satisfied.


Being friends with many different music bands has allowed us the opportunity to create unique pieces that express both sides. From the one side, come we, Darkest Hour Apparel, with the wide net and options to sell these products and satisfy different tastes and need. On the other side come the bands. We focus mainly on Punk Rock, Metal, Classic rock and Rock N Roll bands. Their quotes, logos, graphics, and prints can be found on many different garments such as T-shirts and hoodies. The appreciation and the confidence many of these bands lay in us because we sell licensed Band Merch only! The products you get from us, are the only ones you will find out there and they are the unique ones coming directly from that band’s creative approval.

Wearing these pieces shows both the fashionable and music sense you have and nurture towards this kind of music. Some of the pieces are more eye-catching, some are more discreet - it all depends on tastes, preferences, and likings. The palate of products s quite large – both for men and women.

Our number one goal is to sell only the licensed products coming as a result of the collaboration with these bands. In that way, we create a special relationship with our customers, consumers and the bands itself. for those of you who are willing to get some Band Merch, head to Darkest Hour Apparel and choose your favorite.

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