Fetish shoes: “Devious” line for the adventurers

The trends in shoes change frequently and with every new season. The same applies to the fetish shoes too. Women looking to experiment, something extra-ordinary or just a new piece for their work engagements can find everything they need on the Darkest Hour Apparel. Fetish shoes are a common and usual addition to a relationship whose main purpose is to boost the sexual experience. They are a preference and they bring special confidence and pleasure for the one wearing it and one looking at them.


Devious line for the Darkest Hour Apparel is that special line that caters to these needs. There are so many different shoes to choose from, and they are quite different too. they are attractive, dominant, eye-catching and not for everyone, that is for sure. The bold shoes go with bold character and lots of confidence. Among this line, there are choices of the fetish shoes.

One particular fetish shoe pair that is trending in this area is the Spike Heel Ballet Ankle Boots with Padlock. As strange and unbelievable it may sound, it does have a connotation with ballet and on top of that - heel. This ballet boot is one of the latest fetish shoe trends that comes as a combination of point shoes with a high heel. It is supposed to look like those ballerina's wear, but with high heel and in the form of boot. When putting on, the entire leg and the standing comes in a vertical position, and the entire pressure of the bodyweight falls on the toes. However, the high boot and the laces keep the leg tight and firm.


The inspiration behind this trend comes from the graciousness and innocence of the way ballerinas move in their dancing shoes. These shoes were worn for practice. The modern times saw something sexy and elegant in them. They make the entire leg look longer and bring something attractive to the one watching from the outside. That is why they found their place in the erotic's area, as fetish shoes, upgraded and changed to satisfy different sexual tastes. And the form of boot brings even more mystique and sexiness.

Keeping an open mind and willingness to try something new like these fetish shoes can open new views and pleasure for both the partners.

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