Classic Horror Movie Poster Sets (Karloff Vs Lugosi ) SET OF 9


Spooky... Scary... They're Back... and Coming to Get YOU!


The #1 and #2 Horror Movie Icons from the earlier days of movies. They still give me the willies... And, YES, I did see that Ed Wood movie and NO I'm not going to repeat what Lugosi said about Karloff.

This set of 9 classic horror movie posters - great for the next fright fest in Halloween Town. You'll get the 9 posters shown in the photos. All posters are ready to hang at one special low price lower than our already low prices if purchased individually.

Availiable in 18x24 inch packs.

Karloff - Before I Hang

Karloff - The Mummy

Karloff - Isle Of The Dead

Lugosi - Invisible Ghost

Lugosi - Shadow Of Chinatown

Lugosi - White Zombie

Karloff / Lugosi - Black Friday

Karloff / Lugosi - The Body Snatcher

Karloff / Lugosi - Black Cat

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