15pcs Makeup Brush Set

Ships From United States:

Let this makeup brush take your beauty experience to another level. It is made from durable material and features a soft bristle that will seamlessly glide through the area of interest. The handle allows for a convenient grip and it is also built to last. Your makeup needs is brought to light with this set.

Product details

  • Size: 15pcs/set
  • Brush Material: Synthetic Hair
  • Used With: Sets & Kits
  • Quantity: 15pcs
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Item Type: Makeup Brush
  • Handle color: Purple
  • Brushes style1: Powder, Blusher, Buffing, Contour brush, Angled face,
  • Brushes style2: Foundation, Fluffy Shadow, Small Shadow, Blending, Crease
  • Brushes style3: Precision Smudge, Smudge, Angled liner, Concealer, Spoolie
  • Material: Synthetic Hair

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