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I woman can never have too many shoes and that bond is unbreakable. Heels, flats, boots, sneakers…and so the list goes on. The shoe market today offers a wide range of products that can satisfy everyone’s taste and preference. And of course –style. It was not until recently that few fashion styles were lacking the choice of a variety of shoes. Some of those were the Goth, punk, pin-up style, etc. The dark vibes, inspired by the Victorian era, were popular as a part of a fashion style back in the 70s and 80s and since then, they have somehow disappeared. The edgy vibe of the punks and the unique Marylyn vibe were nowhere to be seen. With the changes in trends, inclusivity, accepting diversity and acknowledging different styles and opinions, these particular styles have made a comeback. That is why we at Darkest Hour Apparel have dedicated our entire show line to different styles, professions, and fashion preferences. To satisfy the needs of all who are thinking other than the regular fashion shoes, we have created special lines for the special ladies who want and need something different.
Our shoe offer consists of 8 different separate lines. Each line caters to a different style and fashion orientation, which is why we are proud to say that we got everything for everyone. Even for those who think that they have the strangest taste, or they need something extravagant for the work they do – we have got you all covered.
To better understand what we offer, let us take you to a short but informative tour through our shoe lines.

One of the professions in the world that women practice and require different outfits, and with that different shoes, is the striptease. The strippers, in particular, wear different kinds of shoes that are suitable for the acts they do and look very different than the shoes we wear every day. Their design and look is exotic and interesting, and due to that fact, Darkest Hour Apparel has a special line called PLEASER that offers exactly this type of shoes. Their characteristic heel and platform make them distinctive and unique. The heel comes in different heights, as well as the platform, and the options are quite various. You can choose from ankle boots, sandals, open toe stilettos, heeled-mules, etc. The color choices and details are also unique.

The DEMONIA shoe line focuses on another target group of women. Still offering an abundant choice of platforms, this shoe line is focused more on flats, platform flats, heeled shoes with extravagant looks, open toes, etc. It is an alternative yet fashionable choice for all those looking for something different. The main color palette varies between black, blue and white, with lots of straps, embellishments, and details and graphic lines. it is the perfect line for all the Goth lovers who are looking to add some dark and edgy vibe to their footwear style.

As the name suggests itself, the FABULICIOUS line presents a line of shoes that is oriented towards elegant, party and glittery shoes, perfect for special occasions. The so-called party shoes are different than all other shoes because they can feature glitters, sparkles, platforms, a variety of heels, shapes and so on. The most recent fashion trends include feathers and see-through areas that are extremely popular among celebrities. Lacquer and vibrant colors are what will make the difference and make the shoes stand out in your entire outfit.

The mixture of colors, patterns, and motifs comes together in the FUNTASMA line – a thematic shoe line featuring a variety of options. It is a colorful and playful line that can be an inspiration and a solution for many thematic parties, costumes, and events. The shoe variety is so distinctive and unique, and here, in this line, you will find the most incredible and unique footwear pieces.

The pin-up fashion style is known as a very popular and inspiration point in the fashion industry. So, it is only understandable that the difference in footwear style and preference should include PIN-UP inspired footwear. For the lovers of this style, there are lots of different heels that look exactly like those worn back then, in bold and vivid colors and details. For those willing to keep the tone down, there is a mixture of pin-up and oxford shoes, with mid-thick heels, straps, and their signature look.

The PLEASER PINK LABEL is a special and distinctive show line at our shop that puts the accent on the bit extravagant and unordinary footwear. Here, we mean, shapes, height, details, look. This line offers a variety of unique and different shoes, something that is not for daily use. They can be a part of a certain outfit, night profession or just hidden under the long gown. However, the love towards the different is someone's personal preference and this is the line that will provide you with just that – unique, one of a kind and extraordinary footwear.

When you hear the name DEVIOUS in a footwear concept, think of naughty, bad and domination, yet still with a high dose of fashionability. It presents a high dose of sexiness and it is a great start for all those trying to spice up their love life or bring intrigue in their desires and fantasies. Mostly black with sharps edges and extra-high heels, this is the show line that will open up some new view and horizons for you.

Floral prints, lace, mesh, and foil-look are just some of the details that can describe the burlesque-inspired BORDELLO shoe line. The theatrics and luxury of the old glamour looks of the burlesque dancers are vividly and truly displayed in this fabulous line. It features the signature round-toe shoe, with a medium platform and high heel. From the more ordinary satin and suede finished with laces and open toe, to the dazzling and sparkling stilettos, this is a line that can work for different tastes and different occasions.

So what are you waiting for?

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