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Many social studies have shown that nice and beautiful lingerie can boost the imagination and with that bring healthy sexual relationship. Darkest Hour Apparel supports all styles, preferences, and tastes which is why our lingerie line is quite various and unique. Designed and manufactured from fabrics with the highest quality, all our pieces have a unique look, look luxurious and feel comfortable on the skin. 


Slip dresses / Nightgowns


The slip dresses and the nightgowns come in huge color and fabric choices. Both of them are short, with a comfortable and wide cut, accenting the cleavage and the top part of the body. The tiny straps allow the fabric to fall freely. They come in plain silk or satin version, monochromatic, with a high shine. That makes them extremely comfortable for sleeping and soft on the skin. There are also lace, tulle and other fabrics that can come in combination with the silk or satin. As for the details, embellishments, and colors – the offer is very wide.



Bodysuits are considered highly sexual and daring garments. What makes them special is the ability to equally cover and reveal some parts of the body. Deep and unique cleavages, cutouts, high-leg openings, bottoms and the variety of back openings are just some of the options that you can find in our lingerie line, available in the most varied colors. From faux leather to lace, see-through sheer fabrics, and laces, everything you imagine we can provide. 


Shaping lingerie

The shaping lingerie gives an entirely new look on the body. The shaping fabric is gentle on the skin, keeping the entire body in place. It follows the line of the silhouette, accents the curves and makes the cleavage pop out. Our shaping pieces can be worn under other clothes, as well as just like that, to spice up the things in the bedroom.

Two-piece sets

The two-piece sets come as a pair of a crop and sexy top and short bottoms. The tops vary from silk to lacy ones with plunging and revealing necklines. The bottoms are extra short, with elasticizes waist and match the top.

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